Sunday, January 09, 2022

Snack of the Month - Munchies with a seasonal twist

Cathy found these super-cheap in Asda's post-Christmas clearing out of Christmassy things. 

As with the Flipz I reviewed in December, this was an attempt to make an established product Christmassy by giving it a 'gingerbread flavour'. 

I really like pfeffernusse and lebkuchen at Christmas-time. This probably relates back to when I was a child in West Africa and some of the people my parents worked with were receiving parcels of gingerbread goodies from their families in Germany. I would rather have proper gingerbread than gingerbread flavour things.

Inside the packet they look like Munchies look.

Inside the Munchies there is a crunchy biscuit bit and some very, very sweet filling.

The overwhelming sensation from these sweets is sweetness. They are on the brink of sickly. So, while I enjoyed having the chance to try them (and blog about them), I will stick with actual gingerbread in future. 

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