Thursday, February 09, 2023

Snack of the Month - return to the biscuit zoo

Back in December, I posted about Leibniz Zoo animal shaped biscuits as my Snack of the Month. Since then I've eaten some more biscuit animals...

First up, Dream Animals by Ginbis, a brand I have only ever seen in Home Bargains.

I had high hopes from the packaging. The cartoon animals looked cute although the blobby looking biscuits in the background looked less promising.

The foil packet inside the box also had cute animals on. 

But the biscuits themselves were so poorly defined they all had to be labelled to help you work out what they were meant to be. I think "M.DUCK" stands for mallard duck, but it gave me an unfortunate Hanson earworm. 

Taste-wise these 'butter biscuits' tasted buttery and weren't too sweet. They also had a smidgeon of salt on them, which offset the sweetness. But overall they weren't as nice as the Leibniz animals. 

As a nice touch, though, the back of the box was educational.

Did you know the German word for hippo was nilpferd? I didn't.

I fared better with another Home Bargains purchase, Koala March biscuits made by Lotte. The box is bilingual.

The koala shaped biscuits inside have different characters printed on them. The foil inner sleeve is cute too. 

The biscuits had a chocolate filling. The biscuit was crunchy and the filling had a nice chocolate taste. It was a very sweet combination. No weird saltiness here!

To add to the excitement, there is also a 'message card' included.

The mystery message card in this box was of Fluffy the astronaut koala.

I'm afraid the message for Fluffy was that he (or she?) was getting recycled along with the box.

Monday, February 06, 2023

Recap of the month - January 2023

January seemed to be over surprisingly quickly, meaning we are already one twelfth the way through 2023!

I followed my usual January tradition and published my Annual Christmas Card Audit. It got a very positive response and several people have said they want it to continue, so it might happen again...

I started the month with a week off work. We took the opportunity to have a day trip to Oxford where we met up with friends. On the way back we stopped at the outlet village in Swindon where I discovered a Haribo shop! 

I watched four football matches in January , starting on the bank holiday when I went to Llantwit Major for the first time to watch them play Barry. I went with my friend Paul and then met another friend called Paul at the ground. Here's a picture of me with Paul and Paul. 

The next Barry game I went to was with my friend Steve. It had been almost exactly a year since the previous time we had been to a football match together. 

It was also a milestone game for me. 

In the middle of the month I travelled to Llandudno Junction for work and called in to Shrewsbury on the way home to see my brother on his birthday and my mum on her birthday. On the Saturday I also saw Shrewsbury thump Cambridge 5-1. I blogged about the weekend that started off with me being threatened by a scary seagull.

The fourth game of the month was another new ground as I travelled west to watch Barry play Llanelli Town. It wasn't a great game of football, but I was amused that the sole vegetarian option on sale in the cafe was a pot noodle. Fortunately, I'd driven over early with Paul and Tom and we found a cafe for lunch. 

And finally, I felt pleased that I kept up my 'Toy of the Day' posts on Instagram. The most popular post was this photo of a vintage action figure of Face from the A-Team that I posed next to a photo of me with Dirk Benedict, who played Face in the A-Team. (Here's the blog about when I met him back in 2010!)