Monday, January 23, 2023

Seagull terrorists and subzero goalfest - the January Birthdays weekend

I was in Shrewsbury over the weekend as my brother and mother celebrate their birthdays on subsequent days, both of which were on the weekend. I had managed to co-ordinate a work trip to Llandudno Junction on the Friday beforehand, which worked well in terms of visiting family. 

I arrived in Llandudno Junction at lunchtime, with half an hour to spare before my meeting, so went to Tesco for a meal deal. I sat in my car and opened my packet of Popchips. There was a thump and I looked up to see I had a visitor!

The cheeky bird even jiggled my windscreen wiper to get my attention. When I finished my lunch, I started the engine and the seagull didn't move. I started to reverse out of the space and the seagull moved his legs to brace, like a surfer. 

At this point I wondered if I had now acquired a seagull shaped bonnet ornament, but thankfully after a couple of seconds he decided he didn't fancy car-surfing any more and flapped off. 

Later Cathy sent me a news article from Wales Online about seagulls terrorising Tesco shoppers in Llandudno Junction. I can't say for certain that it's the very same seagull in the picture accompanying the news story, but it could well be! 

I headed over to Shrewsbury after I had finished my appointments for the day and had a great weekend with my family. This included a rousing 5-1 victory for Shrewsbury Town against Cambridge United despite the bitter cold on the Saturday and meals out on both days to celebrate the birthday boy and girl.

Birthday boy (and son)

Birthday girl (and son)

I even had time to play a bit of back garden football with my eldest nephew, Zac, which sadly ended prematurely when the ball entered the garden hedge and came back out with a thorny stick attached to it. The hiss of escaping air as the thorns were removed was summed up by Zac when he said "Well that ball's a goner!" And that was the end of the game. Being able to go back into the warm was only a minor consolation. 

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