Sunday, January 29, 2023

Snack of the Month - Topic gets resurrected

Although Topic bars have been discontinued, the Mars company have decided not to let a good brand name disappear, and have re-imagined Topic as a high end chocolate bar.

Mars are also using this to appeal to the growing vegan market - although vegans need to heed the warning in the top left corner.

In keeping with the environmental theme, the packaging is plastic free. The card sleeve and sealed foil inner packet are both recyclable.

This is basically Mars's version of 'fruit and nut'. The chocolate bar is fairly thin. 

There are a good proportion of hazelnut chunks and raisins in it and the chocolate tastes nice too. Maybe it's the vegan recipe but it's a better quality than I'd expect from Mars. 

So, overall, this is a welcome return for Topic.

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