Business Psychology

From 2014 - 2017 I studied Business Psychology at the University of South Wales. I graduated with a MSc. Here's a write up about the course.

Psychology is fascinating. Here are some of the things I've blogged about that I learned on the course, or have written about afterwards.

The Five Dimensions of Personality - and how extreme personalities aren't helpful in the workplace.

Neuromarketing - how advertisers could use our brains against us. This was part of an essay I wrote for the External Communications module.

What makes TV adverts memorable. Just some things that stood out as I researched this.

Psychological insights into "collecting". This is probably the most personally relevant thing I studied.

Divine personality types in the workplace. Categorising people as gods from the ancient Greek pantheon (based on an idea by Charles Handy.)

Sunk Cost Bias. This is a fallacy that can trap us in dead end situations.

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