Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Bloodbowl match report - 26 August 2015

Bromfield Street Berserkers 2 v 0 Grangetown Greenskinz

All set up and ready to play!

The Berserkers returned to winning ways despite a much-changed side following their recent draw at the Atlantic Waaaaarghf Megadome. Having dispensed with most of their multi-racial roster, including the two dwarf blockers and elf catchers, and needing to replaced deceased legendary blitzer, Jimmy Tectonic, the line up was very different. Skaven linerat Hoolie MacRatt was retained, although he had a disappointing game and ended up seriously injured after a minimal amount of time on the pitch.

Blocker Lex Kevlar was moved to blitzer, while brothers Stan and Callum Van Branahan and Kyle Salvvo were promoted from the line and kitted out as blockers. Three new lineman were added as well, alongside new catcher Felix ‘Find the Space’ Pace. Chaz Tastak, returning to the Berserkers line-up after a long hiatus filled the other catcher role. 

This was the first game played under the new XP rules that modify player characteristics. Boghash Foulbreath, the Greenskinz blitzer, made his XP advantage felt in a number of hefty challenges on Berserkers players, although his aggressive approach didn’t result in many victories considering the advantage he was carrying.

The Greenskinz had possession from the off and there were several rounds of blocks in the middle of the park before eventually a pass was attempted. It was successfully caught but the Berserker tackle went in, clobbering the receiver. A long pass forward to Chaz Tastak came off and his subsequent sprint for the line, including two extra yards, saw the Berserkers go one up.

The attrition had worn down the Berserkers in a game where eventually 10 of the starting 11 were carried off with some sort of injury requiring treatment. None of the debutants were having a particularly good game and the step up to blocker didn’t seem to suit any of the former linemen, with little success in the grapple. Salvvo scored particularly badly with only 2 successful blocks from 13. The failure was shared by most of the team, with several players recording no success in blocks at all and at one point both blitzers were carried off stunned in quick succession.

From the restart the Greenskinz opted for a different tack, bunching around their thrower. With their catchers clear, an attempted pass forward was spilled. The long range throw downfield from the Berserkers was also dropped, but the Greeskinz return attempted pass was also unsuccessful. With the Berserkers now back in possession, a Long Bomb was hurled with accuracy by man of the match replacement thrower Giles McGiles to the waiting debutant, Felix Pace, who had fended off two heroic tackle attempts from desperate Greenskinz players.  It was the final play of the game and gave the Berserkers their largest win for several games.

The final score of 2-0 was enhanced for the Berserkers as they had also seriously injured two Greenskinz players while sustaining only the one serious injury of their own. This means two players from the orc team will be temporarily down on various characteristics in the next match. However, Berserker linemen Chovne Carambeau and debutant Thorstein Vandal have been penalised for a terrible tackling record that will see their Agility scores permanently reduced.

Team line-up & stats
Blitzers: Halo, Kevlar
Blockers: Hurricane, S Van Branahan, C Van Branahan, Salvvo
Throwers: deMenthe, McGiles (reserve)
Catcher: Tastak, Pace
Starting Linemen: Carambeau, Bosch
Reserve Linemen: Vandal, Cordite, Zang, MacRatt
Scorers: Tastak, Pace

Man of the Match: McGiles