Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Bonus Snack of the Month - Christmas flavoured Flipz

Well, gingerbread flavoured Flipz to be precise. I bought these, excitedly, in October, thinking I had located a rare new flavour of Flipz... only to subsequently see them for sale absolutely everywhere. Oh, well. 

So, what are these like? Well, like other flavours of Flipz, they are a decent crunchy pretzel biscuit, complete with salty crystals, covered in a sweet coating. There is a definite gingerish flavour to the coating, although the main taste sensation is sweetness. 

The individual pretzels are reasonably small, so eating a handful isn't too sinful. 

The combination of unsweetened biscuit, salt and hyper-sweet coating works really well. These are a great snack product and I found it's easy to eat more of them in one go than I probably should.

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