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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Review of 2020 - the Jaffa Cake Comparison Project

During 2020 some lockdown snaffling went on in the name of research. I present the results for your information. If it helps guide your future purchasing choices, then let me know.

First off, the packet that started me on this culinary comparison quest. These were on a 50p introductory offer in Asda.

Brand: McVities
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Pineapple
Verdict: Tasted very much like those old school pineapple cubes sweets, with a zingy aftertaste. The cake bit was the usual soft high standard McVities base. These were very  nice. Further packets were bought.

I was then tipped off that Polish supermarkets are a good place to source different flavours of Jaffa Cakes. So off I went to my local Polish supermarket, Delikatesy MIŚ, where I was not disappointed.

Brand: Moja Bajka Delicje Szampanskie
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Cherry
Verdict: These were excellent quality and the cherry flavour was really nice. This one has been a repeat purchase.

Brand: Moja Bajka Delicje Szampanskie
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Apricot
Verdict: Same high quality, but not as flavoursome as the cherry ones. They were nice and I'd eat them again if offered. 

I branched out a bit into other Jaffa Cakes offerings. Cathy bought me these to try:

Brand: McVities 
Product: Cosmic Cake Bars
Flavour: Orange
Verdict: These were nice. A solid bar of Orange jelly ran the length of the cake, which was soft sponge and purple!

I also gave these Olympic-branded ones a go.

Brand: McVities
Product: Mini Rolls
Flavour: Orange
Verdict: These were a bit sweet and less tangy than the cake bars, but overall a decent snack. Good flavour and soft sponge.

I found a few more brands to try. These came from Home Bargains I think.

Brand: Milka
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Raspberry
Verdict: The milk chocolate on these was too sickly combined with very sweet raspberry flavour. I wouldn't buy them again.

Another punt from a cheap shop, this time from Poundstretcher:

Brand: Delisana
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Blackcurrant
Verdict: These weren't very nice at all. There were two main problems. The base was grainy and crumbly - far too dry for a jaffa cake. And the Blackcurrant flavour tasted medicinal, like throat lozenges. I didn't finish the packet.

And a gamble on a known orangey brand, purchased in The Range.

Brand: Tango (made by Huntley & Palmers)
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Orange
Verdict: These were very disappointing. The topping was quite nice, although not as powerful as you'd expect from a Tango-branded product. (It wasn't a taste sensation!) But the base was dry and granular like the Delisana ones. This was another packet that I didn't bother finishing.

I also saw this for sale in The Range.

I did not buy it.

My friend Terri warned me against trying the McVities strawberry flavoured Jaffa Cakes, but for the sake of completeness, I thought I should give them a go. I was pleasantly surprised.

Brand: McVities
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Strawberry
Verdict: Despite hearing a negative review, these were alright. Bit sweet, but not bad at all.

In the run up to Christmas, this festive flavour appeared.

Brand: McVities
Product: Jaffa Cakes
Flavour: Orange & Cranberry
Verdict: These were really nice. They tasted Christmassy, but they didn't last until Christmas. To be honest they barely lasted 24 hours before the packet was empty.

Everyone has their own way of eating Jaffa Cakes. I'm a bit like this:

So, in conclusion, these are my top three recommendations:

In third place, is the festively flavoured Orange & Cranberry from McVities.

In second place, we have the cherry flavoured Polish jaffa cakes.

And in number one spot, the packet that kicked the whole project off, the Pineapple flavoured jaffa cakes by McVities.

If you spot some jaffa cakes you think should be reviewed, feel free to send them to me. Who knows what flavours we might discover in 2021!

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At 6/1/21 15:04, Blogger Jon Morgan said...

Coming from outside the UK, I've only ever tried "ordinary" Jaffa Cakes. Some of these variants sound really good, but I don't think I'll have a chance to try them.

In our office Jaffa Cakes are immortalised by the story of the war over whether they were biscuits (incurring VAT), or cakes (VAT free). Some of the arguments proving they were cakes were, well, interesting...

At 6/1/21 15:23, Blogger Jongudmund said...

Yes that always provokes a "lively" discussion.


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