Thursday, April 08, 2021

Park Life (Victoria Park, Canton)

On Easter Sunday we went out in the sunshine to Victoria Park in Canton. It's one of Cardiff's bigger parks, with a big play area, a splash park, lots of trees and flowerbeds and a caff selling ice creams.

It also has a statue of a onetime resident of the park, Billy the Seal. We took a selfie with him.

Billy was discovered in with a catch of fish when a trawler docked in Cardiff in 1912. He was subsequently kept in a small pool in Victoria Park where he lived until 1939. After he died, it was discovered that actually Billy was a female seal. Her skeleton is now on display in the National Museum of Wales. Billy was later the subject of a song by folk group The Hennessys, who also wrote a song about The Grangetown Whale. 

Incidentally, Grangetown now has a whale mural.

But back to Victoria Park, I really liked this yellow tulip that had snuck into a bed full of pink tulips. How to make sure you stand out!

And we also saw this, which I have on authority from my friend Sarah, is a squirrel nest. But to us it looked like Groot when he extends himself into a ball to protect his friends at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy.

On that cultural note, we bade farewell to Victoria Park. Until next time.

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