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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Going post-viral

The tonsils are shrinking back to their normal size and I can swallow without feeling like I'm swallowing a razor blade, but I feel shattered. The good news is the white blood cells have done their stuff and fought off the infection. Now I just have to build up my strength again.

But that leaves me in the 'how-soon' zone. If I go back to work too soon, my body won't have recovered enough and I'll be vulnerable to another illness. If I leave it too late the work will mount up, and stress my defences out anyway. And on a wider note, should I feel more morally obligated to wait until I'm fully recovered to limit the chances of infecting my colleagues, at least one of whom is very prone to illness because of their ongoing post-viral syndrome?

When other people come into work ill and spread their germs around I curse their selfishness. So, should I take my time and recover fully?

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