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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dinner pitchside

After watching the mighty Shrews stumble to a 1-0 win over Bradford on the Saturday, we returned to 'don't-call-it-New-Meadow' for Sunday lunch.

The only problem with being a vegetarian is the number of chefs who are terrified of producing something bland, so go for something a bit way out. So, for the first time ever in my 'try-anything-once' life, I sampled the gastronomic delights of a savoury cheesecake. Bizarrely it was topped with caramelised onion, figs and pears, meaning it was very sweet.

Still, an interesting culinary experience, made all the better by a copious supply of new potatoes. The spicy carrot soup for starters was kickin' too, and the apple and sultana crumble was a top notch dessert. You don't expect fine dining at a football ground, just like you don't expect Town to be topping the table after two opening fixtures which looked incredibly tough before the season kicked off. But this is a new era and the feeling that anything can happen is building.

As we waited for our coffee, we went for a wander out onto the newly consecrated hallowed turf. I posed in the dug-out for photos and laughed at Dave's impressions of various STFC managers down through the years. It's new, but it's already home.

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