Friday, June 08, 2007

Guardian of good taste

At work today Matt the designer complained because even though he had thousands of songs on his iTunes account, he couldn't find one he wanted to listen to. I offered to send him one, at which point he resoundly mocked my musical taste based on my liking the Scissor Sisters (as he has done before). This from a man who admits to having a Hanson album on his iTunes. When, I asked, were they ever cool?

Anyway, having shut him up with that, I sent him the song. And a couple of hours later discovered he'd posted it on his blog as "the best love song i've ever heard"*. Not only did he not credit me, but he surreptitiously posted it in work time too. Dodgy geezer. Still it makes a change for Matt to be thieving blog material off me because usually it's Lorenzo who does that.

And what was the song? Well, it's called Your Personal Penguin. It's the song of a book by cartoon genius Sandra Boynton which I bought for Cath in America, sung by Davy Jones of Monkees fame. Listen to/download it here!

*pedants like Tez be aware this is a direct quote, hence the lower case I


  1. Well since I have been labelled a "pedant" - I shall be PEDANTIC and point out that it is usual, when quoting someone who has made a mistake, to put [sic] directly after it. That let's everyone know that the mistake was not made by you. So there. Of course, if you had done that, you wouldn't have had the fun of publically calling me a pedant, I suppose...!

  2. And I'll bet that makes you sic