Saturday, June 16, 2007


As its only a few weeks until my sidekick and his intended missus get hitched, and I'm doing the talk in the service I felt I ought to go and get a haircut today.

But what I want to do is grow it to a decent length and with no other weddings/occasions looming I think this might be the first time in a few years where I can get on with the serious business of growing my hair.

But do you, discerning blog reader, think I should? Or should I go for a buzz cut and admit to the world that I'm no longer as youthful as I once was? Let me know in the comments...


  1. Go on Jon, see how long you can grow it! I reckon you should go for the facial hair as well, nd try and get a job as a chewbacca lookey-likey!

  2. I'm not tall enough to be Chewbacca. *sigh*