Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lawbreaker Jon

I drove through a red light this morning.

I was in a hurry, taking a different route round the back of town because of a snarl up on St Mary Street. A truck was parked up and obscured my view of the pedestrian crossing light until the last minute so I just didn't see it was red until I was going through it. Fortunately no one was actually crossing at the time, but I felt a bit sick at the thought of what could have happened if someone had stepped out onto the crossing.

So, if there was a camera on the light I'll be getting a TS10 through the post. That's one of the benefits of working in an insurance call centre in a previous life - I know the codes for most traffic violations. I also know if you have four bald tyres on your car you can be charged with four 3-point offences, and when you hit 12 points they take your licence away. Scary, huh?

(I don't know if I ever 'fessed up to Mum and Dad about this, but just after I passed my test I was driving their old Astra and had to stop at a red light on a big roundabout. I had a good look round and then drove through it because it was really late at night and there was nothing coming. Looking back, I can't believe I ever did that.)

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