Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Courting controversy

Do you ever think the people who seem to get on the news do so because they're the most controversial? I’ve noticed it seems the media can’t give enough publicity to gay-hating fundamentalists Christian Voice, who are regularly invited to spout their opinions on anything. I suppose it makes the news more interesting than talking to normal people who have a sane view on life.

To that end, I thought I’d make some controversial statements on here and see which ones provoke responses. I don’t necessarily believe all this, but it’ll be fun to see what makes people bite…

Controversial statement number 1:
Most women who reckon they ‘hate’ men do so because secretly they wish they were men.

Controversial statement number 2:
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ‘prayed the prayer’ or not – at the end of your life you’ll be judged more on what you’ve done than what you’ve said.

Controversial statement number 3:
Men who tell sexist jokes are more likely to have very small penises.

Controversial statement number 4:
Men who drive Subaru Imprezas are, without exception, complete tossers.
(OK, you’ve got me, I do definitely believe this one)

Controversial statement number 5:
The reason so many religious people are obsessed with sexual deviancy is because they’re repressed sexual deviants.


  1. controversial statement No.1 is preposterous. How women can hate men, I do not understand, I rather like them...lol (well some of them anyway!)A little bit too freudian methinks.

    Oh yeah, and whoever said Keats, I haven't looked to see if it is correct but a virtual Mars Bar is on its way to you.

  2. Oh great wordsmith of the 1st floor!!!

    Number 4 made me LO-Really-L. There's a fly-on-the-wall doc on TV that has two UK cops driving around in a Suba.... not saying a thing, just thought I'd warn you!
    Talking of Fly-on-the-wall documentaries.... mmm I think I'll rant about those myself.

  3. Anonymous28/6/07 19:35

    Thanks Jenny, but can't I have a virtual diamond instead?

  4. Well, I know I wish *I* was a man.... *lmao*