Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bye bye Ryan

Ryan Giggs' retirement probably added about 5,000 or so to the gate, but there were some large echoey spaces in the Millennium Stadium for the 0-0 draw with the Czech Republic. Of course Rowena jinxed it by saying she hoped it wouldn't be a 0-0 draw. I'm not overly superstitious, but you know when someone says something like that, what the result is bound to be...

The game itself summed up Ryan's international career. There were moments of brilliance (Bellamy's free kick hit the bar) and frustration (as yet another short corner didn't work). Wales might have grabbed some glory, but they didn't, and so this match became another one of those 'could have been' moments that Wales excel in. And for Ryan, a standing ovation from both sets of fans probably won't help him shake the feeling that his international career was one long 'could have been'.

And I reckon Wembley one weekend and the Millennium Stadium the next is spoiling me in time for the New Meadow's official opening.

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  1. Anonymous4/6/07 11:01

    Rowena here...

    Yes, it was a good day. A moment of history. Goodbye Ryan (... and how on earth will we cope without you?!)

    Thank you for your company, Jon, but hey - fancy saying I jinxed it!