Friday, June 01, 2007

Stuff which drives me nuts

In no particular order…

  • dining out with indecisive people who can’t pick a dish off a menu
  • pfaffers who take an eternity to do anything
  • people who have piles of junk in every room of the house
  • the piles of my junk in every room of my house
  • spiritualised church jargon
  • arms sales subsidies
  • time-wasting complaints letters
  • coned off sections of motorways that don’t seem to be coned off for a reason
  • rude boys in done up cars
  • computer screenfreeze
  • the belligerent guy in my street who gets antsy about “his” parking space
  • spam
  • people ruining a joke by getting the punchline all wrong
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • being expected to join in with office discussions of reality TV shows
  • adverts which have nothing good to say about the product so claim the opposite sex will suddenly find you desirable for no good reason
  • American Christian bigots
  • British Christian bigots
  • people who say, “I’m not racist, but…”
  • easily offended imbeciles
  • The Daily Mail’s annual rants about how they’re banning Christmas
  • stupid people who could be smarter if they wanted to be
  • you can’t draw a cartoon about Mohammed, but you can hold up placards calling for infidels to be beheaded
  • when you’re asked for your opinion and then told why you’re wrong
  • pointless makework
  • it’s always sunny until I leave the office or a bank holiday comes along
  • left-wing feminists sticking up for Muslim cultures which force women to wear burkhas
  • ‘pass this on to ten friends to have good luck’ emails with some puke-worthy twee moral message about telling people how much you love them
  • vegetarians who still eat chicken and fish – “You’re not vegetarians!”
  • telemarketers asking for Mr Williams, who hasn’t been available on our phone number for seven years!
  • God’s silence


  1. Anonymous4/6/07 10:49

    You're obviously not the only one fed up with 'The Da Vinci Code' - I thought of you as I saw 7 copies of his book lined up for sale in a little charity shop the other day!

  2. oh oh oh, did I never send you my article ripping the Da Vinci Code?!?!?!?! Plus, I agree THEY ARE NOT VEGETARIANS!!!