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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wingless wonders

After raving about Star Wars Pocket Models, Cathy bought me a few more packs. Unfortunately one of the TIE fighters (actually a TIE Advanced x1) in one of the packs was missing a wing.

I've improvised in the meantime using the little clip on explosions, which you're supposed to use during the game to count how many hits your ship has received, to make it look like it's in the process of being shot by an X-Wing. I've also emailed Wizkids, the manufacturers, so here's hoping they send me the relevant piece.

Counting my wingless TIE I now have a fleet of 23 ships ready for battle. The fiddliest ones to build have been the V-Wings and Droid Fighters from the prequels - it seems the styrene pieces are much easier to snap on those models than on any of the others.

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