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I believe that 'Communications' as a discipline can bring immense value to organisations. Done well, comms can deliver real cost and time savings across all kinds of fronts, whether that's preventing diseases or making processes more efficient because people know what to expect.

Over the years I've blogged quite a bit about comms, both on here and as a guest blogger elsewhere. Here's the list of all my comms-related posts, split into rough themes. Some of these are quite old but provide an interesting historical record.

Things I've learned
Things I learned from running my own business (contains general marketing advice)
Bits that stood out from the Online Influence #Oi14 Conference
A retrospective of five years working on all-Wales service improvement programme (contains lots of links to various things I did)

The 'science' of comms
Counter-intuitive comms knowledge - sometimes what you don't know can surprise you
The science behind successful communications - making the case for a scientific approach
Interesting developments in communications, particularly the way people use computers versus mobile devices, and how WhatsApp has impacted on text messages

Project management
How to spot (and escape) from "Zombie projects" (posted on Comms2Point0)
The STOP Campaign report (links to a work website) - this campaign won a CIPR Gold Award

How to make your Death Metal band stand out

Psychological research into what makes TV adverts memorable

Social media
How Twitter can bring people together - a true story
Where Twitter fits on a Venn diagram

Old-school comms
Back when I worked in Comms, I wrote this communciations case study about Using Noticeboards Effectively. It still all holds true.

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