Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Snack of the Month - Crispello

This is a bit of an odd one. A Cadbury's branded product, made in Egypt, imported into Europe by a Dutch company and sold in a discount shop (B&M Stores). Cathy found this while looking for something else and thought I might like to try it. She was right. 

The "crisp" in Crispello is apparently some kind of biscuit, although it had the crunchy consistency of puffed rice. There's a slight salty tang to it that offsets the sweetness of the chocolate really nicely.

The bar is composed of 4 decent-sized pieces which makes it easy to break into bits to share. If you want to share, that is. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't!

Made in Egypt...eatcn in Cardiff.


  1. Here in Australia we have Oreos coated with Cadbury chocolate and branded Cadbury (the mint ones are quite nice). I've noticed the same with them: Manufactured in Egypt. Which means you have an American biscuit, coated in a British* chocolate, manufactured in Egypt and sold in Australia.

    * When I visited England, I expected at least the Dairy Milk to be the same as ours, but no, blocks were a different shape and size and tasted different. I like both, but was taken aback that they were different.

    1. That makes it a truly global snack. I will have a look and see if other "mainstream" Cadbury products are being manufactured in Egypt.