Thursday, March 05, 2009

Some better, and unexpected, news

So, on a day where I had some of my saddest news ever, I also heard that Cadbury's are moving their Dairy Milk brand into fair trade certification by the end of the summer, instantly trebling the amount of cocoa traded fairly from Ghana in any given year.

Compared to my other news that was completely unexpected. In the past Cadbury's have been very defensive about their trading policy. In fact, I think we still have the letter they wrote to us saying they weren't considering it as an option.

There's power in persuasion, people.


  1. Blimey - that is ruddy brilliant.

    It's a bit like Nestle saying 'Yeah - you were right all along. We have been responsible for the death of millions of babies in the third world'.

    I will definitely buy Cadbury Choc again when it goes FT (so more sales for them, then!)

  2. Hooray!! That really is quite unbelievable news and very exciting :) I feel less guilty now to be a serious Cadbury lover!