Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sexy pink

I've blogged about sex being used in advertising before, but I think it has now officially hit a new nadir.

Two fish fingers meet a third fish finger who has a sultry feminine voice and then unzips her breadcrumbs to show her 'pink' underneath, at which point the other two fish fingers faint.

It left me thinking 'Whaaaaat?'

Someone somewhere decided the way to sell new salmon fish fingers for Bird's Eye was to turn a salmon fishfinger into a femme fatale flasher-of-the-pink.

I admit it's clever in a 'how many absinthes did you neck before you came up with that left-field idea?' kind of way. But, they're fish fingers. And sick jokes about 'fishy fingers' aside, no one wants to connect fish fingers with sex or sex with fish fingers and we shouldn't be made to connect them because some addled creative put them together in an advert for TV.

To prove I'm not making it up, you can watch it here.


  1. I saw that ad recently and was left sitting in mild shock too. SO weird and wrong on so many levels!

  2. I'm glad I've given up TV for lent...