Monday, October 02, 2006

In Touch

Just under a week ago I went on touchtyping course. My speed isn’t great yet but I do know where all the keys are without looking. I can now also type without sounding like I’m attacking the keyboard!

More importantly, last Tuesday was also my eighth year wedding anniversary. Eight years seems like a ridiculously improbable length of time, until I started to think about how different life is now from eight years ago.

Now: Living with Cath in Bromfield Street
Then: Living with Cath, Ab and Tez (in Bromfield Street – so that hasn’t changed!)
Now: working as a writer for a charity, my third full-time job since…
Then: self-employed selling Cath-designed greetings cards
Now: going to Glenwood church, the third church we’ve been going to since…
Then: going to Grangetown Baptist Church
Now: driving an R reg Golf, my third car since…
Then: driving an E reg Cavalier (the good kind with the boxy body shape!)

A lot of other things have changed since then. Ab moved to Gateshead. Tez moved to Japan. My brother got married. My parents started fostering Sarah, who has just turned 18. I’ve made a ton of good friends like Ian, Viv, the Russes, Sian, Cheryl etc. We travelled to California on the trip of a lifetime.

Of course, some things have stayed the same. For example, Shrewsbury Town are still in the basement division of the football league. But they did beat Everton on a memorable January day in 2003.

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George says that if you take his achievements of a lifetime and put them in one day, he’s seem quite successful. I sometimes feel like that when I look at the list above. (George ends up stranded in a public restroom dressed only in his underwear in that episode, so maybe that’s a warning?)

But after eight years and a week, it seems worth saying that those eight years would have been rubbish without Cathy to give them some meaning.

(Ta, Irony Boy)

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