Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Doctor-patient confidentiality

These are some real-life gems as told to me by some of my friends who are doctors…

A concerned parent brings in a child who’s skin has worryingly turned orange.

“Has he been eating a lot of carrots?”
“Ooh, no, he can’t stand them.”
(after a pause)
“Does he drink Sunny Delight?”
“Oooh, yes, he loves it! Can’t get enough of it.”

Imagine if you had to treat a patient called Brian Brain without laughing…

A young lady comes in. Despite being on the pill, she’s pregnant. Then she explains that she’s been INSERTING the pills because she didn’t know what “ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE” meant!

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  1. Putting that on two blogs is cheating, sarcasmo.