Saturday, September 02, 2006

Beware the vampire antelope

It truly is amazing what you can find when you have a sort out. I was going through some old folders of writing and misc scribble the other night when I found 'Dreamship', a story that I wrote a number of years ago and had completely forgotten about.

There was no date on the ms, but given that it was printed on Ab's old dot matrix, it must have been written on her ancient computer that was dumped at the tip a while ago. That means I'm probably going to have to retype it up, but hey, at least that means I can make a few changes.

Also in that file I found a doodle of a antelope with vampire-like fangs, hence the title of this post. He also had a name - Vlad the Impala. I thought that was pretty funny, although when I told my work collegues none of them really got it. (An impala is a kind of antelope and Vlad the Impaler was the historical figure behind the Dracula myth, in case you're wondering.)

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  1. Yeah I got it... it's just not that funny....!!