Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Boyhood hero becomes a rubber duck

I had an unexpected delight last night. I was taking a break from writing a new intro to my sci-fi novel and Cathy was watching CNBC when Conan O’Brien announced that his next guest would be none other than Mr T!

Apparently, after several years in the TV wilderness, Mr T is returning to the small screen with a “reali-T” show called “I Pity the Fool!” But this isn’t going to be your normal kind of reality show – “there’ll be none of that jibber-jabber!”

Conan did push him a bit though – accusing Mr T of laughing like a six-year old girl. He then hastily corrected himself: “a tough six-year old girl…” He also asked Mr T about merchandise including the Mr T rubber duck – perhaps the ultimate in rubber ducks based on tough guy actors?

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