Thursday, October 05, 2006

Conversation stopper

Last night we had our first ‘life group’, which is Glenwood’s fancy name for house/cell/whatever term you use midweek group. As it was the first one it acted as a bit of an introduction. We went round the circle saying a little bit about ourselves. I always seem to think of the good things to say after my turn, so last night I didn’t mention Fair Do’s, or freelance theology but I did tell the group how I cut my thumb the other day building a Zoid.

With Viv and Ian being there, they talked about their plans for getting married next year on 7 July because 07/07/07 would be a memorable date. The conversation moved on to a more general discussion about the terrorist attacks on the underground on 7/7(2005) and I related how we'd been in Wick for the one minute memorial silence; how strange it had felt as the pub we were eating in had fallen silent, so far away from London.

Inge then started saying how certain dates stick in the mind. “Like today is October the fourth. On October the fourth 1942, we got bombed out in Frankfurt. It was terrible… bombs going off everywhere.”

What can you say after that?

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