Thursday, August 31, 2006

In Latvia the money is called Lats (and Santimi)

My friend Cheryl with a Ch (not a Sh) has recently been to Latvia (The land that sings!) and, like many people I know who go abroad, I badgered her into bringing me back some coins for my collection of foreign money. As such she joins an illustrious list of people like Allison, Abs, Viv, Irony Boy, Cath, Tez etc.

I’ll shortly be adding the Lats and Santimi to my big bottle o’coins. This is now gradually filling up but is already quite heavy. I like to tip out the coins occasionally and run my fingers through them like a mad miser. It’s weird to think that all this redundant or foreign cash is in reality nothing more than scrap metal. It’s a reminder that all ‘earthly treasure’ is transient and the money we work so hard to earn today is tomorrow’s incidental junk.

So there’s a nice little thought for the day…

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