Tuesday, August 29, 2006

High score update

Last week I invited readers of this blog to try and beat my score shooting people in this game. Apart from Jenny S, nobody said they'd even had a go, so to put you all to shame I've upped the ante.

That's right, as of today my new high score is 5150, which incidentally was the name of the first Van Halen album after Sammy Hagar replaced frontman David Lee Roth. Van Halen borrowed the number from the Californian legal term for arresting a nutter who might stab someone because the voices in his head tell him to.

So, there you go. Reading this blog is nothing if not educational.


  1. No, I think, like me, lots of people had a go, but we were all so crap- we didn`t dare leave our scores....

  2. It's up to 5200 now. I'm getting too good.

    My best score using the shotgun is 1300, though...