Saturday, January 11, 2020

ACCA19 Update - extending the audit deadline

Cathy says she told me that I'd posted the audit too soon, and she was right. The day after I posted the results of this year's audit, a Christmas card arrived.

This raises a conundrum. I got a hardline response from Chris (of "Merry Fartmas" fame) on Twitter, who said that Twelfth Night was the obvious cut off point. But then I reminded Chris that every year the big audit we submit to in work extends its deadlines and he replied with laughing emojicons so I'm pretty sure we can also re-evaluate the results to take into account new data.

But first you may be asking, who is this late card sender. Well, everyone, let me introduce you to Stewart. I met Stewart when I was doing my MSc. He's a good mate who introduced me to Nepalese curry in Bristol on a night out when I missed my train home, and together we have braved the away ends of Rodney Parade in Newport and the Memorial Ground in Bristol to support each other's respective football teams. He was with me at the first half of my frustrating attempt to attend two football matches in one day. (Yes, I'm still bitter about those blooming floodlights!)

And the thing is, Stewart has rescued one of our "none" categories this year, because he sent us this...

Yes, that's right. It's a donkey! Our only one this Christmas. But what really makes this card isn't that it's the only donkey in the audit. It isn't that it's illustrated by Quentin Blake, one of my favourite illustrators. No, what really makes this card is the hilarious handwritten message inside.

How could I not re-open the audit to include this when someone has written that?

So, there you go. Just when you thought the ACCA was over, it lives on!

Updated categories:

Total number of cards: 83 84 (last year: 82)

Hand-made / home-produced cards: 5 
Cards designed by kids: 4
Cards with glitter: 13 

Charity cards
Cards sold in aid of charity (or fundraising):51 52
Total number of charities represented: 42 
Most popular charity represented: British Heart Foundation (11).

New for 2019: charity card cause breakdown
Cards raising money for cancer charities: 26
Cards raising money for other health issues: 31
Animal charities: 2
Children's charities: 13 14
Overseas development charities: 11

Religious themes
Religious-themed cards: 24 
Cards featuring the Nativity: 14 
Christmas story 'characters':
Three kings: 6 
The shepherds: 2
The star of Bethlehem: 0
Angels: 2
Choirboys: 0
'Cartoony' religious: 1

Other themes
Santa: 3 
*Christmas Elf: 1 
Penguins: 2
Bears: 1 
Deer/reindeer: 3
Christmas decorations: 5 
Christmas trees: 12 
Christmas food: 2 
Robins: 0
Donkeys: 1
Sheep: 0
Other animals with or without Santa hats: 6
Winter scene/scenery: 12 
Snowmen: 6
*Snow / snowflakes: 2 
Licensed characters: 1
Llamas: 0 
Hares and Moons: 1 
Holly and wreaths: 0

Messages on the front of the card 
Cards that mention 'Christmas' on the front: 26. (1 religious themed)
"Seasons Greetings": 3
Mentions "Jesus": 0 
Bible verse: 2 
*Lines or titles of Christmas carols: 7 
*Lines or titles of Christmas songs: 1 

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