Saturday, April 12, 2008

Talking the language of the people

More bumf from the Liberal Democrats has come through the door and gone... IN THE BIN! Well, recycling anyway...

However I think the LD's are chasing a lost cause. We've had a leaflet through from Plaid Cymru and I think we're both going to vote for them on the strength of one phrase. No, seriously. When describing the impact community sweepers could have on Grangetown, they say:
"Community sweepers - a kind of Wombles for the 21st Century would help clear our streets."
You've got to vote for a party that namechecks the Wombles haven't you! Haven't you?

Incidentally being a bilingual leaflet, this is the equivalent Welsh sentence. See if you can spot the Welsh word for 'Wombles':
"Byddai Swyddogion Sbwriel Cymunedol - rhyw fath o Wombles i'r unfed gannif ar hugain yn helpu cadw'n strydoedd yn lan."
That's right! It's 'Wombles'!

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