Monday, April 07, 2008

Scouting for Girls - live in Bristol

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas - it's official. Cathy cashed in her Christmas presents of tickets to see SfG and took me with her as her date (hurrah!).

The band themselves were simply awesome, despite this being the first gig for a while as the singer had just recovered from laryngitis. He got the audience to sing the high notes, which we obliged willingly. Quite simply, it was one of the best live gigs I've been to in a long while.

They also had two very good warm up bands. Go Audio, who's videos are on Virgin Music on Demand, if you have that, and Clocks. I plan to check out their albums sometime soon. (There's free tracks to listen to on the Clocks page.)

After a late one in Bristol last night, I was cream crackered today. I woke up and had a choice - a shower and a shave or twenty extra minutes in bed. I figured I don't care that much about my workmates, so I was bogging today.

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  1. Anonymous8/4/08 08:38

    Very glad you liked Clocks - my great friend Ed is in that band!We spent our teenage years at church together and he's finally fulfilling his dream to become a star!