Thursday, April 10, 2008

How desperate are you?

The local elections are coming up on 1 May* and some of the parties are starting to campaign, particularly the Liberal Democrats. To date we have had several things through the door, a real live candidate knock on the door, and someone phone up "on behalf of the Liberal Democrats" to ask me how we voted last time and how we intend to vote next time.

Today we had a piece of post, and then after I picked Cath up from work, we got home to find another one of the 'Focus' newsletters shoved through our door. So that's two bits of junk mail on one day. (And, as Cath, pointed out, on recycling day too, handily!)

I haven't actually counted how many communiques we've received from the LD's, but it feels like they are incredibly desperate for us to vote for them. Cathy reckons we've had our own tree's-worth of paper from them.

What's interesting is that the LD's run Cardiff council. They're very keen to tell us about how much lower our council tax rises have been than they would have been under Labour (er, they've still gone up, though), and generally how pants Labour are. But I'm left feeling their desperation gives the game away. They obviously don't expect to win which is why they're courting our votes so ardently.

There is such a thing as over-communication.

*also, former Bromfield Streetians (you know who you are) might be interested to know our polling station has changed from the bowling club to the Sally Army on the end of Corporation Rd.

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