Thursday, April 03, 2008


On Sunday I had a pre-birthday meal with my family, which included cake and presents and left me feeling very privileged and blessed.

Then yesterday at work loads of people tipped up for cake, and I got presents like my first ever K'Nex set, and a 'decorate-your-own-cress-farm' kit. I'd already opened presents over a birthday breakfast, including my own copy of Mario Smash Football which my sister-in-law had tracked down on the web (woo hoo!).

I was tempted not ot go to our church midweek 'life group' last night, but in the end we did, and I'm glad, because three people brought cake - including two home-made ones. I also got presents off Ian and Viv, including a Lego Chess Set featuring Lego Viking figures! (Viv also made one of the cakes!)

My facebook wall got plastered with messages throughout the day, and people sent me random 'gifts', like a birthday cupcake and a 1-Up mushroom.

Then today I got more cards in the post, a tub of Oreo minis with a card left for me on my desk (by my writing partner Justin), plus Clare gave me a present which had been tardy in arriving - a Threadless tee with a load of film spoilers on it, which was tres cool.

So all in all, I feel very blessed by people's kindness. Somehow, my life has become full of very wonderful people.

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