Thursday, March 01, 2007

What do they say at Nasa?

My stress levels are through the roof at the moment. Not only am I doing someone else's job in addition to my own, but I'm supposed to be writing the magazine, which is probably the toughest area of my job.

One thing that adds to my stress levels is being dicked around because of other people's incompetence - like the other day when I set up an interview for someone after checking his online diary and with him in person, only to be told the next day by his PA that said interviewee was off that day after all. Grrr.

When people are obviously being a bit useless at some simple task, my favourite unsympathetic phrase is "Come on, it's not rocket science!" Which makes me wonder, what do they say at Nasa when someone is being a bit useless?

Does the head boffin gather his white-coated scientist minions around him and spell out how simple the mission really is... "Now, come on guys, we're looking at an orbital launch, followed by a slingshot round Mars, and the probe does a close up fly by of Jupiter. It's really not that hard. It's only rocket science!"

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