Monday, March 19, 2007


This very clever post from Newsbiscuit (the doyenne of reportage that should be true...) made me laugh:
"A young man has abandoned his weblog after coming to the conclusion that no one was interested in the every day details of his life.

‘I was really excited when I started my blog’ says computer repair specialist Aaron Bagshot. ‘I felt really amazing to think that I was sharing my life and thoughts with millions of people. That all around the world people were reading the everyday details of my life. Except that they weren’t.’"
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For those who haven't discovered the genius that is Newsbiscuit, here's five classics you ought to read...

Paperclip from Word quits Microsoft for Apple
Trident’s replacement to be provided by Ryan Air
Wasp flu reaches Britain
Tinky Winky dies following drink-induced coma
EU rule that Germany must have shorter nouns

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