Saturday, March 24, 2007


From Cardiff to Schippel (Skipple) airport took us not very long at all. Kudos to Irony Boy for driving us to the outskirts of Barry in the middle of the night. Talk about a sidekick being worth his weight in gold.

Schippel airport is easily one of the nicest airports to hang around the transit lounges in. We met up with Abs OK (she'd flown in from NuKassel) but then we had a typical moment. Cath was feelign rough so me and Abs went to find some lunch. Abs wanted something savoury but we ended up with waffles and ice cream from the Haagen Dazs stall. Which would be fine, except that Abs is allergic to dairy. So, just before we got on a nine hour flight to New York, her stomach starts making ominous wambles.

The joys of travelling with family...

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