Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Music quiz

OK, then. This is my favourite 11 song playlist at the mo. Can you guess any of the songs from these lyrical snippets?

"Lay back, head in the grass; chewing gum, having some laughs; yeah, we were having some laughs"

"I'll die when I'm done..."

"under your skin feels like home; electric touch on aching bone"

"still care about your hair and the car you drive; doesn't matter if you're sixteen or thirty-five"

"ambition got cast aside; thrown away when the batteries died"

"don't stop and don't look back, uh huh; 'cos your love's like a heart attack, c'mon"

"I never really gave up on breaking out of this 2 star town"

"I'm sick of working all week for people I cannot stand"

"there's no profit in ever being right, we gotta fight some more"

"kill all the fags who don't agree" [NB this is sung ironically; I don't listen to hate crime metal]

"dance if you wanna dance; please, brother, take a chance"

Answers next week

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11/3/07 21:50

    I'm crap at these things. Several seem really familiar but I'll be darned if I can think where they're from. I'm sure they'll be going round in my head for hours as I lay in bed!!!