Friday, December 01, 2006

Santa's secret identity

Cath claims that I post things she’s said on here and take credit for them. So, to assuage her accusatory nature, I feel duty bound to point out that most of today’s post was her idea.

Have you ever wondered what Santa does the rest of the year. Well, maybe he’s moonlighting as the Jolly Green Giant. Consider the evidence…

1 – both Santa and the Green Giant say ‘ho ho ho’… but to mask his other identity, Green Giant always adds “Green Giant” at the end of his ho ho ho-ing
2 – you never see Santa and the Green Giant in the same place
3 – Santa used to wear a green outfit until he was famously outfitted by Coca-Cola in an ad campaign that changed popular culture
4 – we know from Lord of the Rings that elves are tall, but in Santa’s workshop they seem really small, which makes sense if Santa is really a giant!


  1. Anonymous1/12/06 10:33

    You thieve! Number 1 was mine..

  2. Anonymous1/12/06 15:40

    I'm nicking this...

  3. Ian you're big fibberthat was mine; Lorenzo - stop nicking my stuff for your blog. make up your own!

  4. Whyever go to the bother of actually typing it yourself.... just add a link to Jonboy's site!