Saturday, December 23, 2006

Match report: Shrewsbury 0 Barnet 1

Well this was a bust. Freezing cold night, plenty of pre-match hype, a win last time out, what could be better than a game against the 17th placed team in the division?

I'm on a run too - this season my record for Shrewsbury games is seen: 2, lost: 2, scores: both 0-1. And when I went with Dad to see table-topping Cardiff the score was 0-1 then.

But despite the defeat, this was an entertaining game, more so if you were a Barnet fan. League 2 is a tight division again, and despite their lowly position, Barnet were the better side - obviously they've taken a while to hit their stride. They were first to the ball most of the night and could actually string more then one pass together, while Shrewsbury looked inept in both boxes. The decisive goal was an amazing volley from outside the area which dipped into the top corner past Town's decidedly dodgy loanee 'keeper. Not a bad goal to lose to, even if the game was a bad one to lose.

Plus, I felt very happy for the visiting fans, who, as Dave pointed out, deserved a medal for travelling on a Friday and standing on an inhospitable terrace. They went totally nuts when the goal went in, and again about ten minutes later when the whistle went. It reminded me why I go to football games - the feeling when you win against the odds, away from home, on the longest night of the year.

I just wish I felt that feeling more often, but unfortunately I'm a Shrewsbury fan!

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