Sunday, August 07, 2022

Snack of the Month - spicy crunchy nuts

Cathy brought these Walkers Max double coated peanuts home for me to try (and to blog). They're something a bit different.

The description on the back sums them up. They are roasted peanuts in a crunchy shell dusted with a cheesy jalapeno flavouring. They make good on their promise for "max crunch" but they aren't teeth-wreckingly hard.

The bag is 175g and the recommended serving size is 30g. In case you're wondering, 30g looks like this. (Yes, I weighed it out.)

And here's a close up - where you can see the cheesy jalapeno flavour powder coating the snacks. 

On the plus side Walkers did not skimp on the flavouring. The jalapeno has a real kick and leaves a pleasant afterburn tingle (if you like that sort of thing like I do). The serving size is just about the right amount, really, although it would be possible to pig the entire bag in one sitting while watching sport on TV. I know that would leave me feeling bloated and remorseful though, so I've been rationing them out. 

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