Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Bright white Jaffa Cakes

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have a longstanding love for Jaffa Cakes. So when I see a new flavour I feel compelled to try it. Yesterday I discovered these in Home Bargains!

From the packaging, I thought these were cherry and white chocolate. If I had actually read the packaging, I would have found out that they are cherry with a 'yogurt' coating. (How do they make yogurt coating - what do they do to the yogurt?

Having a yogurt coating may be for the best because cherry and white chocolate would be insufferably sweet. There is a slight tang to the yogurt that complements the cherry without adding too much sweetness in its own right.

There are ten Jaffa Cakes in the tray, with space for a few more!

The yogurt coating is thin enough to see the shape and some of the colour of the cherry jelly lozenge.

The cherry filling is bright red. According to the ingredients, it has real cherry juice in it, but the flavour is more like cherryade than actual cherries. 

The cake bit is disappointing with a dry, slightly granular texture. But they aren't inedible - I've had some random brand Jaffa Cakes that were unpleasant to eat. As a change from the norm, these are fine, and at only 59p a packet in Home Bargains, I feel they represent okay value for money although I don't feel I need to buy them again. 

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