Monday, June 06, 2022

Blood Bowl match report - dashing past the dwarves

My friend Bryan and I decided we were going to play Blood Bowl more often. We said that back in September... and it's now June. Still, yesterday we found the time for a game.

For a change, I played with an orc team, while Bryan stuck with his trusty dwarves. It was the meeting of two "bash" teams that are set up to thump their way to victory.


In the end, thumping-wise, it was honours even. Both teams inflicted an injury that saw an opponent carried off the field. Score-wise, the orcs won 2-0, with both touchdowns scored in the very last turn of the half. (The way Blood Bowl works, both players take 8 turns in each half.)

The second down was funny as my orc thrower picked up the ball next to the endzone, tried to throw the ball but fumbled it, so had to pick it up again, then ran with it, avoided some dwarves and ran with it some more. He was almost stopped by a dwarf attempting to blitz him, but the dice favoured him and the dwarf fell flat on his face instead of tackling him.

That sort of thing is hilarious when it happens to your opponent. Not funny at all when it happens to you!

There is no way the orc in possession (far right)
should have got out of this!

But he did - and he scored! (far left)

(In case you're wondering, yes the orcs are painted in Wrexham colours. I do that to amuse myself.)

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