Monday, June 21, 2021

Quilt of memories

I'm married to a creative person and one thing she is very good at is creating ways to hold on to memories. We had accumulated quite a stack of t-shirts. I did whatever the opposite of outgrowing clothes is when I lost weight a few years ago and went into diabetes recovery and some of my favourite t-shirts no longer fit me. Other t-shirts got worn out, frayed and a bit tatty around the edges. I hung on to several long past their useful life for sentimental reasons.

So Cathy turned them into a quilt.

It's a patchwork of memories. Our first American road trip. Our trip through Utah. The shirt Cathy was wearing that caused a guy to holler in respect across The Strip in Las Vegas. Our pilgrimage to Canada. Presents and gifts over the years. Star Wars t-shirts that I've worn in so many photos of fun times with family. Repurposed to keep us warn at night.

It's a nice feeling sunggling up under your memories.

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