Wednesday, June 15, 2016

USA & Canada 2016 - Toronto

I loved Toronto.

We stayed just around the corner from the Hockey Hall of Fame.

And a couple of blocks from the CN Tower.

When you get close you realise just how tall it is.

At the Tower's base, there's a railway museum.

Cathy posed with a caboose.

You can see the whole city from the top of the tower.

Next to the CN Tower is the Rodgers Stadium where the Blue Jays play. We went to see a game one night and they had the dome closed. First time we had seen indoor baseball.

There's loads to see back on the ground. I particularly liked the Freedom Arches.

Which are next to the city hall, that looks like an alien spaceship has just landed.

Toronto is full of impressive buildings. From bold, glassy new skyscrapers... old-fashioned "flat-irons".

And all kinds of things inbetween.

There's even a concert hall that looks like a hat.

Toronto has pretty much everything you would want, including postcards and places to post them...

...friendly locals...

... poutine (cheese and gravy on fries - this is a vegan version!)

... and a Tim Horton's doughnut shop on just about every corner.

And at night they light it all so you can see where the landmarks are in the dark.

I loved Toronto.

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