Saturday, June 18, 2016

USA & Canada 2016 - Toronto Zoo

We took a whole day to visit the Toronto Zoo, mainly because this offered us the best chance to see some genuine Canadian/American animals without going out looking for them. And as one of the animals we wanted to see was a grizzly bear, this was probably the safest way too.

Because grizzly bears are massive.

We started our visit with a ride on the zoo train that took us to the Canadian zone.

We arrived at the grizzly enclosure in time for feeding. The food was fruit and vegetables lobbed over the wall. Some went in the pool, so the bears went in the pool to get it.

Make no mistake, they look cute, but these animals could rip you limb from limb and not really exert themselves doing it.

Near to the grizzlies were the moose. They were rather diffident and were happy to lie down some distance away from the nosey visitors. But seeing a real live moose meant Cathy ticked something off her lifetime goals list.

We then walked past the wolves...

To get to the polar bear feeding time.

Again, there were on a more veggie-based diet than I expected.

But a few fish were chucked in and you could watch them dive for them.

And even get to high five the bears through the glass if you were quick.

The last bears on our trip were non-native to Canada.

Although, two would now qualify for Canadian passports.

The cubs in questions were snoozing photogenically.

While mommy panda (pictured above) munched through a load of bamboo. Her technique was to cover herself in bamboo and eat her way out.

I filmed her eating. This lasts one minute.

Meanwhile daddy panda was outside, snoozing in the sun.

And that was (just some of) our day at Toronto Zoo.

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