Monday, May 02, 2016

2016 Welsh Assembly election UPDATED communications overview

Some more electoral bumf has come through the door. Yay. So, I'm updating the review I posted last week. We have material from two parties not mentioned before, and new material from three others.

New leaflets

The following parties haven't been in further contact, so keep their scores from last time:
Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party = 0
Women's Equality Party = 1
UKIP = disqualified

Same rules as before. Here we go.

Party: The Green Party
Candidate: Anthony Slaughter
Previous point total = 4
New point awarded
bumf = 1
promises = 0
contact = 0
candidate photos = 1
Cymraeg = 1
total = 3
Points deducted
blame = 0
mud slinging = 0
photos of opponents = 0
sloganeering = 8 (it feels cruel but there is no substance to any of their aims)
typos = 0
Update comment: It feels mean that they score so low, given how relentlessly positive and hopeful their leaflets are. But, bottom line is, I'm a pragmatist and want to know what you would actually do, not read your wishlist.

Party: Labour
Candidate: Vaughan Gething
Previous point total = 17
New points awarded
bumf = 2
promises = 1 new one (an environment plan to collect water in Grangetown). There's also an extensive list of things Labour is apparently already working on such as the redevelopment of a leisure centre.
contact = nothing new
candidate photos = 3, including one with Vaughan and a fire engine
Cymraeg = 0
additional points = 6
Points deducted
blame = 0
mud slinging = 2 (reference to broken Tory election promises and how the Tories have "abandoned young people")
photos of opponents = 0
sloganeering = 0 
typos = 0 (although some of the text has flowed a bit wrong on one of the leaflets)
Update comment: As mentioned there is a big list of things Labour are doing and introducing. I like that Vaughan is putting out there what he and his party have done rather than slagging off other parties. Also a good use of photos showing him out and about. 

Party: Liberal Democrats
Candidate: This is a list leaflet although the main name mentioned on there is Eluned Parrott, so let's say it's her
Points awarded
bumf = 1
promises = 3 (safe nurse staffing levels and smaller infant school class sizes, cutting business rates on plant and machinery)
contact = 0
candidate photos = 2. I think. If we count Eluned as the candidate.
Cymraeg = 0
total = 6
Points deducted
blame = 1 (it's all Labour's fault!)
mud slinging = agh, so much! The Liberal Democrat invective machine is back up and running. I count 8 specific instances of negative comments about Labour.
photos of opponents = 0
sloganeering = 4
typos = 0
Verdict: Why do the Liberal Democrats always go negative? It wouldn't be so bad if they offered concrete options but it's all wishy-washy stuff like a promise to "build an 'Opportunity Economy'" and stuff. OK. What does that look like then?

Party: Plaid Cymru
Candidate: Dafydd Trystan Davies
Previous point total = 7
New points awarded
bumf = 2 (1 local, one regional)
promises = 1 (electrification of the railways)
contact = still 0 (Come on, people, these are the easy points)
candidate photos = 3
Cymraeg = 2 (as you'd expect)
total = 7
Points deducted
blame = nobody really
mud slinging = 3 - two references to Labour's failures and also saying Labour has 'run out of steam'
photos of opponents = 0
sloganeering = I'm going to ding them 3 because, e.g. although they say they are going to invest in specific hospitals they don't say what that investment would be aiming to do
typos = 0
Further comment: I'm not convinced that Plaid Cymru could pay for everything they want to do. Or that they have thought through their promises. Where exactly are they going to get 1,000 doctors from, for example? But still, generally a positive campaign.

And finally... Vapers in Power

Party: Vapers in Power
Candidate: Bernice Evans
Points Awarded
bumf = 1 (regional list leaflet)
promises = 0 really, although it mentions three places where they think vapers should be allowed to vape
contact = 0 but they do have a hashtag
candidate photos = 1
Cymraeg = 1
total = 3
Points deducted
blame = 2 (The Welsh Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, and the lying media). There's also the comment that vapers will "soon be brutalised by European legislation". Sort of some preemptive blame there.
mud slinging = 1 (their hashtag is anti-Labour)
photos of opponents = 0
sloganeering = 1 (a threat to hold "spreaders of malicious untruths" accountable. How?)
typos = I'm going to ding them 1 for a terrible run on sentence. There are a few garbled sentences so I think this is fair.
Verdict: A one issue party about an issue that doesn't exercise me in the slightest. Very emotive language from someone who doesn't think anyone should tell her what to do. I am interested to see how many people bother to vote for this.

The election is on Thursday. Any more reviews will probably be after the fact now.

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