Saturday, May 28, 2016

USA & Canada 2016 - First day in Boston

I'm going to do a few retrospective blog posts about the trip Cathy and have just come home from. Here are some photos from our first full day in Boston.

We were staying in Brookline, East of Boston. About a twenty minute train ride from the centre.

We got off to visit Boston Common - the oldest city park in the USA - and the statue commemorating 'Make Way for Ducklings', a famous children's book. Cathy posed with Momma Duck for a photo.

Boston Common is right next to the bar that the sitcom Cheers was based on.

We walked across the Common to start the Freedom Trail that takes you round the key historical sites in the centre of Boston. This is where the Revolution kicked off, after all.

We took a detour to visit Bromfield Street!

It's very different to our Bromfield Street.

We managed about half the tour, ending at the Faneuil Hall, which is now a market, and the Quincy Market, which has the most amazing array of food vendors imaginable. It's also crowded to near impossible to take photos inside. Pretty grand exterior, though.

I will be posting a few photo updates. Stay tuned.

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