Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cardiff South & Penarth By-Election - it's polling day!

Just a quick catch-up. Since my last review round up of all the people standing, we have had even more electoral communications, from the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, and Labour.

The Conservatives leaflet didn't really say anything new, but it does include a photo of the candidate looking gormlessly star-struck shaking David Cameron's hand. Bit of a vote turn-off.

The Liberal Democrats have definitely found their theme - their candidate lives LOCALLY, is a LOCAL activist, is for LOCAL people and LOCAL businesses and so on. The huge emphasis on local-ness is at least a bit of a relief from the relentless badmouthing of Labour. The LD's sound like an obsessed, embittered ex trying to turn you against their former partner the way they go on. Also, they have no pictures of Nick Clegg, but they do have one of Gordon Brown who is apparently to blame for everything.

The Labour leaflet is a bit run of the mill, but the guy who knocked on my door was amusing. "Hi I'm Brian," he said, handing me a leaflet. "Are you thinking of voting Labour." I was non-committal. Then he earnestly told me what a good candidate the Labour guy was before adding, "Sorry, I'm a bit biased. I'm his dad."

Well, fair enough. I'd like to think my dad would be a bit biased if he was canvassing for me. Brian seemed a nice guy and he was out in the dark and the cold asking people to vote for his son. And, sentimentalist that I am, I was impressed by that.

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