Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Paris - Day 1

In celebration of my sister-in-laws impending big 4-0, four of us took a four-day trip to Paris at the end of April. Here are some photos from our trip.

 Breakfast started with the obligatory croissant
So we went exploring - this street leads down to the Vendome, commemorating Napoleon's victories

At the Tuileries Gardens we got our first sight of La Tour Eiffel

Cathy and I went into the Orangerie - the museum purpose built by Claude Monet to house his giant Waterlilies canvasses

 Then we went to the Louvre - this is the glass pyramid outside

We crossed the river and rode a double-decker underground train to get close to the Eiffel Tower

Did you know Cathy does impressions?
Stealing a kiss in the city of love

Then we walked down the Champs du Mars to the Peace Monument. It's missing a piece on the left there

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